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Fall Gala Honoree Spotlight: Chief Vincent Dunn

HONOREE SPOTLIGHT: Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn is the recipient of this year’s Man of the Year award at our Fall Gala on Tuesday, October 24 at Pioneer Works.
Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn was a FDNY firefighter and retired after for 42 years. Before retirement, he rose in rank to Commander of Division 3, Midtown Manhattan. He is a recognized authority on firefighting and is a nationally recognized expert on high-rise firefighting, rescue, and building collapse. Deputy Chief Dunn was also selected to serve as a consultant in the investigation into the collapse of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers and 7 World Trade Center.
Chief Dunn is an author of a number of textbooks: Collapse of Burning Buildings , Safety and Survival on the Fireground, and Command and Control of Fires and Emergencies, and is a contributing editor with Firehouse Magazine.

Dunn has been a great supporter of Friends of Firefighters and has been a featured keynote speaker at Friends of Firefighters monthly Firehouse Kitchen Talk. He was born in Queens, NY and earned a master’s degree in urban studies, a bachelor’s in sociology, and an associate’s degree in fire administration from Queens College.

On 9/11, people remember their favourite story about Steve Buscemi

On 9/11, people remember their favourite story about Steve Buscemi

Ways to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th in New York City

This year marks the 16th anniversary of the attacks to the World Trade Center. Anniversaries can be difficult; public and publicized events do not always echo our private, more personal remembrances. Some of us may struggle with uncomfortable feelings of grief, sadness, anger, overwhelm; others may completely numb out. It is normal to experience a range of (sometimes conflicting) feelings.

Pay attention to yourself and these feelings.
Know yourself and consider how you would like to mark the day.
Be flexible with yourself and listen to your own cues.
Allow others to support and care for you.

Friends of Firefighters was founded in response to 9/11 and we have since made it our mission to provide long-term mental health and wellness services to the FDNY firefighter community.

Reach out to us at 718-643-0980. We are here for you.

If you are in crisis call On the Line, a 24-hour support hotline.

Commemorative Events in NYC
September 11th Tribute in Light / Dusk to Dawn on September 11th
Rendering the Unthinkable: Artists Respond to 9/11 / September 2017 (ongoing daily)
Memorial Ceremony at the World Trade Center site / 8:30AM-12:00PM
St. Paul’s Chapel Commemorates the Anniversary / At preciesely 8:46AM, St. Paul’s Chapel, which stands directly across from the World Trade Center, will ring the Bell of Hope.

Friends of Firefighters receives a grant from the Motorola Foundation

Friends of Firefighters has received a grant for $5,000 from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc. Through the grant, FoF will be able to continue its support of the FDNY community through confidential counseling and wellness services for FDNY firefighters and their families.

The Motorola Solutions Foundation awards grants each year to organizations like FoF, which support and advance public safety programs and technology & engineering education initiatives. This year, programs that served underrepresented populations, including females, people with disabilities and veterans were prioritized.

Quote: Nancy Carbone, Founder and Executive Director of Friends of Firefighters thanks Motorola Foundation: “Support from foundations like Motorola Solutions affirms our mission and work. This grant will go directly to supporting the provision of mental health services and educational seminars to the firefighter community the way in which we believe they should be provided: by a team of professional staff sensitive to, and knowledgeable about, the firefighter culture, free of charge, and with complete confidentiality in a firehouse setting.”

This year, Motorola Solutions Foundation grants will support programs that help over 2 million students, teachers, first responders, and community members across the United States. Each participant will receive an average of 186 programming hours from its partner non-profit organizations and institutions. Programs will support special populations including: females, underrepresented minorities, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, people with disabilities, and veterans.

“Motorola Solutions Foundation is proud to support the work of Friends of Firefighters. As a leading technology company that supports the safety of communities worldwide, we know how important it is to educate tomorrow’s technology professionals as well as enlighten civilians and first responders on today’s safety needs,” said Matt Blakely, executive […]

August’s Firehouse Kitchen Talk to feature Michael Barasch of Barasch, McGarry, Salzman, and Penson

Monday, July 31st: This week at FoF

This week’s services include:

Counseling: In all five boroughs and Long Island
Biofeedback: Wednesdays in our Red Hook Brooklyn office
Financial Guidance: Flexible scheduling – please contact us to set up an appointment
Peer support: Flexible times and locations; contact us and we will set you up with a peer who can provide guidance
Yoga: Available in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Rockaways.

Reminder: We will be closed on Fridays for the months of July and August. Wishing everyone a great and relaxing summer!

FoF Yoga in Manhattan – Next 3 Thursdays on the Upper East Side

Good news for our friends uptown! Crystal Fenton, certified yoga instructor and provider of FoF’s weekly Tuesday yoga session in Manhattan, will be hosting yoga sessions on the Upper East Side for the next 3 Thursdays at 7:30PM. It will take place at lululemon athletica, 1146 Madison Avenue (at E. 85th Street), New York, NY 10028.

July’s Firehouse Kitchen Talk to feature members of the FDNY Field Communications Team

Members of the FDNY Field Communications team will be giving us a unique look at how Field Comm units operate at the scene of multiple alarms, major emergencies, and special events. They will also share ways in which an Officer can improve communication at such scenes and are bringing one of the FDNYs newest Seagrave Field Comm units for display.

Rockaway yoga – new location and time

Yoga in the Rockaways is back! We’d like to give a big thank you to Cecilia Rudden, our volunteer yoga instructor, and to Rockaway Love for generously donating the use of their space!

FoF now offers Yoga in Manhattan!

We are excited to announce a new location for walk-in yoga: lululemon athletica in Manhattan near Union Square! Crystal Fenton, yoga instructor, comes to us with plenty of experience, having worked with NFL athletes and UFC fighters. She is now offering her services free of charge to all active and retired FDNY firefighters and your families. Feel free to drop in!