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Monthly Archives: February 2017

New counseling office in Queens

FoF is happy to announce a new counseling office in Queens! Lauren Johnson, LMFT, will be seeing clients at an office at Atlas Park Mall Thursdays 9-5 and Fridays 8-4. Contact us to make an appointment!

Kenneth Pogan, Sr. Memorial Mass – Wednesday, February 22nd

Kenny, retired with 33 years on the job, started as an auxiliary firefighter with E18 and an FDNY fire alarm dispatcher at the Brooklyn Central Office. Once he passed the firefighters test, he was assigned to Squad 3, from there transferring to E28, Squad 1, then Battalion 22. Kenny spent several days a week at Friends of Firefighters, helping things run smoothly in our historic firehouse, especially when it came to advising for historical accuracy in the firehouse renovations, and educating us on history of the FDNY. Kenny passed away in February of 2015, but his memory lives on.

Thank you to The Million Dollar Round Table

This morning at the On the Arm Breakfast, FoF was awarded with a generous grant by The Million Dollar Round Table Foundation! Many thanks to the MDRT board and staff for making this happen.

Volunteers Pete Calacione, Tony Catapano, Executive Director Nancy Carbone, David Blake of The Million Dollar Round Table, Associate Director Stephanie Cherry and FoF volunteer Patrick O’Grady are presented with this grant that will go directly toward FoF’s counseling and wellness services for active and retired FDNY firefighters and your families.