Dear Friends,

As we mark the first year since Hurricane Sandy, I am mindful of those families who are still not in their homes.  As difficult as it is to comprehend, many have not been repaired or rebuilt in the year since the storm.  The FDNY families have been taking care of each other, and trying to return to their residences.

At Friends of Firefighters, we have a unique perspective into the communities that were devastated by the disaster.  We also experienced damage, both to our old firehouse and to the homes of some of our staff.  We know first-hand how this storm has wreaked havoc on so many.

After applying for several grants to provide funding to continue (and increase) services to our Sandy affected families, we recently learned that we are the recipient of a large Superstorm Sandy Block Grant (SSBG) that will enable us to expand our base and provide more direct services to our families in need since the storm.

We thank those who supported our relief efforts from near and far, and recognize that although there is still work to do, everyone has come this far by working together. We are pleased that due to your support, Friends of Firefighters supported the over 500 FDNY families who registered with us for Sandy relief by providing labor support to 112 families, welcoming 144 families to the distribution center, and distributing over $9,000 worth of gift cards. We housed and coordinated fire departments from over 25 national and international cities. Of course, we also continued to offer our ongoing services such as counseling, financial guidance, yoga, women’s support group, and more, which are all especially needed during a time like this.

Please watch for updates as we roll out our new services, but also remember that we are still here, as we have been for twelve years.

We are committed to our mission for the long term and consider it an honor to be here for our FDNY firefighters, active and retired, and their families as they rebuild their lives after Sandy.

Kind Regards,

Nancy Carbone
Executive Director