In an ongoing effort to increase accessibility to free mental health and wellness services, we are adding new programs for active and retired FDNY firefighters and your family members. Contact us to set up an appointment or to join a group.

COUNSELING* / Bronx / Wednesday
Justin Kennard, LCSW will be providing counseling services in Riverdale on Wednesdays from 10-4, beginning November 5.

ACUPUNCTURE* / Staten Island / Wednesday
Acupuncture can be helpful in treating a number of symptoms. Due to the popularity of our Brooklyn program with Jessica Sowards, L.Ac. (Mondays and Wednesdays), we have added hours in Staten Island with Kristen Dolan-Murphy, L.Ac., M.S.T.O.M. on Wednesdays from 10AM-1PM, beginning November 12.

COUPLES GROUP* / Queens / Thursday
The group will address ways to help create more intimacy, improve communication, and show more appreciation and trust within the relationship. The group is run by Lauren Johnson, LMFT Thursdays in Queens, beginning this Thursday, October 30 at 1PM. Contact us with your interest and for specific questions contact Lauren directly.

WOMEN’S GROUP* / Staten Island / Tuesday
The Women’s Group is a support group for wives, partners, & girlfriends of FDNY firefighters. The group is geared to provide emotional support to the important female in the firefighter’s life.

Kristina Hamilton, LCSW will be running a group every Tuesday at 3:30 in Staten Island beginning November 18. Contact us with your interest and for specific questions contact Kristina directly. The Brooklyn group run by Stephanie Cherry, LCSW continues to meet every other Thursday.

*Appointment or advance sign-up required. Contact us to do so. 


Services are offered to FDNY firefighters and their family members free of charge. Below is an overview – visit our services page for more information.

Counseling / Brooklyn / By appointment
Internet Counseling Program / Accessible from anywhere at any time
On the Line / Accessible from anywhere at any time

Biofeedback Program / 10AM – 2PM / By Appointment
Acupuncture / 10AM – 4PM / By Appointment
Counseling / Staten Island / 11AM – 6PM / By Appointment
Counseling / Brooklyn / 9AM – 5PM / By Appointment
Counseling / Queens / 11AM – 5PM / By Appointment

Biofeedback Program / 10AM – 2PM / By Appointment
Women’s Support Group / Staten Island / 3:30PM / By Appointment
Counseling / Staten Island / 9AM – 3:30PM / By Appointment

Acupuncture / 10AM – 4PM / Brooklyn / By Appointment
Acupuncture / 10AM – 1PM / Staten Island / By Appointment
Yoga with Cecilia & Friends / Rockaway Park / 7:30 – 8:30PM / Mrs. Elaine’s Dance Studio
Financial Guidance / 10AM – 3PM / Drop – ins and by appointment
Counseling / Bronx / 10AM – 4PM / By Appointment
Counseling / Brooklyn / 10AM – 5PM / By Appointment

Acupuncture / Manhattan / 10AM – 7PM / By Appointment
Couples Group / Queens / 1PM / By Appointment
Counseling / Queens / 9AM – 5PM / By Appointment
Yoga with Felecia / Staten Island / 10:15-11:15AM / Limitless Fitness

Biofeedback Program / Manhattan / 10AM – 1PM / By Appointment