Season Giving

The life-saving work of firefighters, who sacrifice so much for all of us on a daily basis, can result in significant physical and emotional stress. Your support of Friends of Firefighters will in turn help us provide critical support services to firefighters and their families, and ensure that we hear more words such as these: 
“Thank you for all you’ve done to help make life better and more bearable for my family and me.”
– Wife of FDNY firefighter
Dear Friend,
During this season of giving thanks and celebrating, I ask you to open your heart and make a gift to Friends of Firefighters. Here’s why:
Firefighters are on the job in all seasons, at all hours of the day and night. In times of crisis, it is they who run toward disaster and devastation to make sure we are safe. None of us have forgotten their heroism in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, not to mention daily fires and accidents, large and small. We call them our “Bravest” and they are.
What we don’t see are the difficulties both active and retired firefighters may experience as a result of their efforts on behalf of us all: exposure to toxins and fumes; burns; the stress on their bodies from extraordinary physical endurance; the impact on their personal lives; and the need to cope with the pain from loss of human life, including their closest friends.
At Friends of Firefighters, our mission is to be there for them, just as they are here for us.
We have built trust with the active and retired men and women of the FDNY, and with their own help and your support we have developed a network of services tailored to meet their and their families’ needs, including their psychological and physical well-being.
Please consider how much firefighters risk every day for our safety. Your tax-deductible contribution will help insure that our services for active and retired firefighters and their families will be available throughout the coming year.
With best Holiday & New Year wishes,
NC Sig Red
Nancy Carbone
Founder and Executive Director