This year marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks to the World Trade Center. Anniversaries can be difficult; public and publicized events do not always echo our private, more personal remembrances. Some of us may struggle with uncomfortable feelings of grief, sadness, anger, overwhelm; others may completely numb out. It is normal to experience a range of (sometimes conflicting) feelings.

  • Pay attention to yourself and these feelings.
  • Know yourself and consider how you would like to mark the day.
  • Be flexible with yourself and listen to your own cues.
  • Allow others to support and care for you.

Friends of Firefighters was founded inDSCN0250 response to 9/11 and we have since made it our mission to provide long-term mental health and wellness services to the FDNY firefighter community.


Reach out to us at 718-643-0980. We are here for you.


If you are in crisis call On the Line, Friends of Firefighters 24/7 hotline, at 1-866-339-7717.


There are many personal and public ways to recognize the anniversary. For information on some events, see here.