The New York Fire Sprinkler Contractors Association (NYFSCA) is a not-for-profit corporation established to promote the business of installing, repairing, and inspecting fire sprinkler systems. They are a conduit for citizens, city officials and NYFSCA members to protect public safety through the proper use of fire sprinkler systems. This dedicated nonprofit and trusted industry advocate will be raising funds to support our mission this year, and we are so appreciative. On Wednesday, June 6th, we held an official Fundraising and Campaign Kick-Off Dinner as a way to welcome them to our Red Hook quarters for an up close look at our operations, share stories and organizational goals, and say thank you, face-to-face. We feel really good about this partnership and are looking forward to working with them on their campaign. Thank you to the following NYFSCA members for making the trip out to Red Hook to learn more about our mission and work: NYFSCA President Ivan Pesante, NYFSCA Executive Director Drew Slocum, Victor Pesante from Heads Up Fire Sprinkler, Helen DiLorenzo and Thomas Smith from A Automatic Fire Sprinkler, Henry Fontana from United Fire Protection, NFSA Regional Director Dominick Kasmaskaus, Terry Laffey from Viking Fire Sprinklers, and Gary Lederman from Croker.