On October 29th, 2012 Hurricane Sandy struck New York City and caused catastrophic damage to many of the communities in which FDNY firefighters live and work.

Over 700 of our active FDNY members and more than 1,200 FDNY retirees were affected by the hurricane.

Friends of Firefighters was also impacted significantly by flooding. The organization lost their entire first floor and was forced to relocate to a staff member’s home for many weeks.

In spite of this, Friends of Firefighters recognized the immediate needs of FDNY firefighters and was able to instantly jump to action. Within the first few days of the storm FoF staff & volunteers were on the ground assessing the various needs and meeting them.

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Support offered by Friends of Firefighters to meet specific needs of FDNY firefighters included:
– Immediate individual outreach & assessment
– Labor crews
– Donation & Distribution Center
– Housing Resources
– Trailers & Tents
– Mental Health Counseling
– Gift Card Distribution
– Kid Focused Events

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As of April 2013:
Over 500 FDNY families registered with Friends of Firefighters for Sandy Relief

112 FDNY families received labor assistance from Friends of Firefighters

144 FDNY families visited the Donation and Distribution Center

Over $9,000 worth of gift cards were distributed to FDNY families

Fire departments from 25 national and international cities stayed at Friends of Firefighters and volunteered labor assistance

Thank you to all those who contributed to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, whether from near or far. Your support means so much to both Friends of Firefighters and the families you helped get back on their feet.

Special thank you to Los Angeles County Fire Department and American Auto Auction Group for your donation of a passenger van. AAAG Logo

"We have a 3 year old who doesn’t know why he can’t go home. Friends of Firefighters brought me hot fresh food and helped me clean out the debris in my basement. The girls at Friends of Firefighters helped my wife go through photos that were flooded in the basement."

- Active FDNY firefighter

"My family and I have been sleeping on air mattresses. My daughter knew about the Friends of Firefighters and faxed in the application. The next day I had firefighters from all other states helping me and bringing me food and gasoline. Friends of Firefighters saved my life; I am totally indebted to them for the rest of my life."

- Retired FDNY firefighter