Counseling & Children

Friends of Firefighters offers free Counseling for children, teenagers, and parents in all 5 boroughs. In addition to adults, Counseling can be beneficial for children and adolescents. When kids have difficulties in their life, getting help early on can work to prevent further problems later.

Feelings & Behavior: Children and teenagers can express distress differently than adults and often “problem behaviors” by kids can be their expression of deeper emotional issues. Counseling gives children and teens an opportunity to safely express their feelings in order to heal and grow, and assistance in connecting their feelings to their behaviors.

Parents’ Role is an important part of the counseling process with children and teenagers. Depending on the situation, a counselor may offer to see a parent individually, or together with their child, in order to support the parent with the various challenges of parenting, and in their relationship with their child. Counseling is confidential for both parent and child, which ensures everyone’s privacy. Confidentiality is a valid concern, especially among teenagers, and it is taken seriously.

Time Commitment: Another concern that many families have when considering counseling is how to add another commitment to an already busy schedule. Counseling does not always need to be a long term endeavor and much progress can be made with shorter term work.

Reasons why parents decide to seek Counseling for their children include:

• Loss of a friend or family
• Trauma
• Depression or anxiety
• Difficulties in school
• Self-esteem issues
• Identity issues
• Self-destructive and/or impulsive behaviors
• Relationship problems (within family or with peers)

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