Retired FDNY Member Reflecting on 9/11 Anniversary

As the 10th anniversary of 9-11 approaches I sincerely hope that these words can find their way onto the web site of Friends of Firefighters. This past decade has been like no other, and I truly believe that there are so many of us who will always define these last 10 years based upon the tragic events of that one morning, September 11, 2001. Along with the sorrow filled nights, days, weeks, months, and years that have followed.

Without the support of so many, some names we may never know, we are still here, working and living in the greatest city in the world, although many of those that helped us through a time in history, that we will pray never happens again, have long since been taken up, and many of us will be forever grateful.

What I would like to share is that the Friends of Firefighters are still here. Their doors are open. There is coffee in the kitchen. There is comfort in the words discussed in the Firehouse. Your story will be heard or you can listen to others tell theirs. Perhaps you can find the hand you are reaching out for. Or perhaps you can bring your thoughts and care to share with many of the others you will find. You will know who they are; active members of F.D.N.Y. and retired as well, families and friends of firefighters. These doors welcome our Military troops and our wounded worriers as they return home to us along with their families. Friends of Firefighter have been there since 2001 and will continue to provide care for years to come. I would to say that I was very lucky that the Friends of Firefighters found me in my time of need and provide all that they could during my post 9-11 surgery. Should you have taken the time to read these words, please know that as a retired Firefighter I can truly say we are very fortunate to have the staff at Friends of Firefighters on watch for us all. I trust you will find the support needed now and after the 10 year anniversary.

– Charlie Dalton, Retired FDNY