Volunteer page

"It is a pleasure volunteering for such a great cause with amazing people. Please know that being welcomed into the FoF family has truly enriched my life."

-Michele DiBartolomeo, volunteer

Along with the Friends of Firefighters staff and board, there is a greater body of volunteers, including active and retired firefighters, who provide peer support, help to restore the old firehouse (since 2009, several hundred firefighters have volunteered their time and talents to restoring the circa 1870′s firehouse), and provide wellness services to FDNY and their families. Some come to FoF monthly, most come weekly. They are the backbone of the organization.

This list is just the beginning. We are grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who have come through our doors in the past 10+ years. We are indebted to them for their generous donations and are honored by that validation.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Friends of Firefighters, take a look at our current opportunities.

Eve Bucca

Eve, widow of Fire Marshall Ronald Bucca, is responsible for getting our Biofeedback Pod program started and maintained. Eve also co-managed FoF’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Distribution Center post the storm.

Pete Calascione / Retired FDNY

Pete, retired with 17.5 years on the job at Engine 202, is here several days a week, helping things run smoothly in the firehouse, especially when it comes to the restoration.

Tony Catapano / Retired FDNY

Tony, retired with 42+ years on the job at Engine 202, is here several days a week and runs the monthly On the Arm Breakfast, in addition to overseeing the peer program and the firefighters’ kitchen downstairs in the firehouse.

Michele DiBartolomeo

Michele is always willing to jump in where needed. After Hurricane Sandy Michele co-managed FoF’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Distribution Center.

Mike DiBartolomeo

Mike always has his camera in hand, capturing the day to day and big events at FoF. After Hurricane Sandy Mike assisted his wife, Michele, and Eve Bucca with FoF’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Distribution Center.

Karen Donnelly / Financial Guidance

Karen, sister of firefighter Matthew Donnelly of L-26, offers financial guidance to FDNY & families at FoF, and assists wherever is needed.

Billy Hodgens / Retired FDNY

Billy, retired with 20 years on the job starting out of E224 and retiring out of E160, is here several days a week, helping things run smoothly in the firehouse, and works hard to get donations made such as our brand new refrigerator, materials for the new bathroom, tin ceiling, and more.

Felecia M Kutch / Yoga Teacher

Felecia is a certified yoga teacher and health coach and teaches yoga at FoF. She is married to Kenny Kutch, firefighter at Ladder 105 in Brooklyn, NY. read more about Felecia and Kenny in this article highlighting their yoga practice together.

Cecilia Rudden / Yoga Teacher

Cecilia is a registered yoga teacher via the Yoga Alliance and teaches yoga through FoF in Belle Harbor.  She is married to Donald Rudden, firefighter at Ladder 157 in Brooklyn, NY.

In Memory Of:

Kenny Pogan / Retired FDNY

Kenny, retired with 33 years on the job, started as an auxiliary fireman with E18 and an FDNY fire alarm dispatcher at the BK Central Office, then once he passed the fireman test was assigned to Squad 3, from there transferring to E28, Squad 1, then Battalion 22. Kenny spent several days a week at FoF, helping things run smoothly in the firehouse, especially when it came to upkeep, advising us for historical accuracy in the firehouse renovations, and educating us on history of the FDNY. Kenny passed away in February of 2015, but his memory lives on.