Higher education has never been a more valuable and necessary component for successfully leading today’s fire service. Talent coupled with education and training are the backbone and cornerstones driving The Department forward. It’s why Friends of Firefighters has twice hosted a Higher Education Firehouse Kitchen Talk, an academic forum for active FDNY members who are thinking about pursuing a higher education degree. This was a free presentation given in July and November by Fire Marshal Matt Donnelly, UFA Fire Marshal Representative Steven Tagliani, and Chuck Frank, Director of Emergency Management and Business Continuity at Metropolitan College.

These support networks truly serve as a catalytic positive contagion for all who participate, directly or indirectly. Breaking bread and having informative discussions, which is strongly rooted in the FD and all cultures for that matter, promotes the spirit of family, friends and the community. Where else can you participate in the feast of life with a warm welcoming meal that is as well balanced in nutrition as it is in improving the quality of your professional and personal life!
— Fire Marshal Matt Donnelly

The following is a brief synopsis of topics discussed for those that were unable to attend either event.

  • Understanding the evaluation process of how FDNY training is recognized by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), which is part of The University of the State of New York, Board of Regents for producing high quality education worthy of recommendation for college credit.

  • Understanding how to obtain your transcripts and bring them to an institution of higher learning to begin the process of mapping out a degree completion plan.

  • Step-by-step instruction on how to go on Diamondplate - click on Resources - click on Special Sections and then open up Educational Opportunities and Information. There you will find access to the necessary forms for Student Registration and Tuition Scholarship Reimbursement. You can also download the FDNY TR/1 and TR/2 forms. These forms show enrollment and completion of courses and are compulsory; they have to be filled out to receive tuition reimbursement. The lists of eligible tuition reimbursement schools were also shared.  

  • An awareness level discussion also took place concerning other scholarships. The Bureau of Training puts out a catalogue of scholarships available to FD members and their families.

If you’re an active member currently employed by the Fire Department and interested in advancing your career, let Metropolitan College assist in that endeavor. The tuition for this program is reimbursed by the FDNY Foundation.

  • Free College

  • ONLY meet 7 times per semester Accredited University

  • Classes are taught by professors whom have years of experience working in the emergency service profession.

  • Our format enables you to remain in the workplace and provide for your families while simultaneously earning your degree to advance your career.

  • Your work experience and training can be converted into college credits upon enrollment.

  • Personal attention given to each student regarding enrolling and formulating a viable, useful academic plan tailored to your specific goals and career aspirations.

  • Small class sizes.

  • Our classes are structured to provide our students with an active educational experience, in contrast to the traditional classroom lectures taught out of a textbook.

  • UFA and other scholarships available, too.

Anyone interested in pursuing a fully online Master’s of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management or their Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management & Business Continuity at the Rock can email Chuck Frank directly at