Important Message for FDNY Active Firefighters

Friends of Firefighters has been in existence for over 17 years providing free, independent, and confidential mental health counseling and wellness services for active and retired FDNY firefighters and their families. We depend heavily on our Fall Gala for the following year of operation and unfortunately our 2018 Gala did not meet our goal, partially due to a blizzard. We are working diligently to fill the gap and are asking for support.

One way you can help sustain our operations is to donate 50¢ per paycheck through ESS, which is $26 annually. While that might be barely noticeable to you, for us it would determine whether or not we can be here for you in the years to come. There are 11,000 active Officers and Members; multiply that $26 from even half the population and you then see how your contribution will have an impact on Friends of Firefighters. That’s $143,000 annually, which provides 2,025 counseling sessions, Firehouse Kitchen Talk and On the Arm Breakfast expenses, as well as operating costs to keep our headquarters and satellite offices open and running year round.

How does this help you? As an FDNY firefighter, you (and your family) will have the assurance of ongoing free, confidential, and unlimited counseling and the knowledge that an organization created solely for the purpose of providing support to NYC firefighters will be here for you and your family should you need us.

Please consider donating your 50¢ per paycheck to Friends of Firefighters. It may not mean much to you now, but you can be assured we’ll be here when and if you need us.

ENROLLING/ADDING a new NYC Gives Contribution in ESS

  • Log in to NYCAPS Employee Self-Service (ESS) at from work or home.

  • Go to Payroll and Compensation > Deduction Information > NYC Gives

  • Click the NYC Gives link

  • Click the NYC Gives charities search link at the bottom of the EForms NYC Gives page to search and select Friends of Firefighters

  • Return to the EForms NYC Gives page.

  • Click Enroll.

  • Enter the 5-digit code for FoF (#12667) in the NYC Gives Organization Code field and tab to the next blank field.

  • Enter the Amount to be Deducted per pay check.

  • Click Submit Changes.

  • Enter Last 4 digits of your Soc Sec Number to authorize your enrollment.

  • Click Certify/Confirm